Tired Friday – Push forward

Had an awesome and very productive week. So many things progressed nicely that should also setup a good next week with a big company coming in to talk strategy. Settling into the weekend and I am exhausted because so many diverse and complex items really can wear your brain down at times. However it is still early so looking to make the next few hours productive too and take that as icing on the cake. Really reaping the benefits of having the right mindset right now.

Grand Vision, Incremental Steps

Another awesome day on the job. I absolutely love big meetings where visions / concepts are being laid out to more senior executives but all in a way they can relate to an understand. Today, we presented a large initiative that could have a positive industry impact. Much of the time those conversations turn complex and almost argumentative. Today, while being very aware of my recent tips in my first book release but also aware of some of the points that I have been laying out in my second yet to be publish release, I very constructively laid out the large initiative but described it in small incremental but powerful steps. The meeting went great and it looks like this successful meeting will lead to others. Just goes to show you can think big and deliver it in small steps.

Off to a good start

Considering the day I had last Friday where it seemed like everything was getting delayed it was refreshing to come in Monday morning with a positive mindset and see the team react positively.   We had multiple sessions to work through the issues and make a plan to hit a target of next week for an important meeting with an executive.  Everyone was engaged and laying out solutions of how to fix the problem and not just complain about the problem.   Honestly don’t think the day would have been that good if I didn’t go into work and start the week of with the right mindset.

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I am very excited to launch my first ebook and hopefully readers will enjoy this first series and look forward to the upcoming series too.  I am so excited I will be giving away this new tablet to encourage you to keep the conversation going with me.

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Upcoming Series

  • Series 2 – Know your environment
  • Series 3 – Vision, Vision, Vision
  • Series 4 – Thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Series 5 – How to close
  • Series 6 – Concepts are great, but it’s time to execute
  • Series 7 – Leading teams
  • Series 8 – Subjective or Objective Success. Both matter.
  • Series 9 – That isn’t a finish line, it’s just the start of the second lap
  • Series 10 – Work hard, party hard, work harder

Prepare Sunday

Considering the obstacles I got thrown at me on Friday, I need to plan my week to get over those and move forward.  I always start with my calendar to go through my meeting requests and validate what is on my plate then I start laying out my agenda.  Overall my prepare Sunday looks like.

  • Go through calendar
    • Cleanup
    • Look at important meetings
    • Plan new meetings for my agenda of the week
  • Go through emails that I have flagged
  • Work on any administrative type of work

The main goal of prepare Sunday is to go into Monday feeling ahead and not behind.  Really prepares and sets your mindset well.

Bad Friday -> Good Friday

Came in to work to find out two projects were delayed due to items outside of my control that was delaying roll out.  Also found out another project was misrepresented to an executive that will now cause me more work to get that back on the tracks and a vendor told us we had to change our business logic to work around their technical issue.  Hmm, How can I use my own tips to get my head straight and not let these issues negatively impact me or my team.  I think I will go with Tip #3 and a little of Tip #1 because although I am frustrated I could pile on with more negativity, but I think I will just work the problem and apply a little gamification to get through it and ensure I attract helpers and and not complainers.

Thinking back on this book also helped.

Lets start a journey together on how to be more successful at work.

Join me in conversation about the 11 tips I laid out to be more successful at work and the right mindset you must have to even get started.  I plan to continue to post based on real life experiences of my job.  Hoping it is a benefit to both of us.  For now if you are looking for more good content to read and learn how to be a better you and how to get to know yourself better then I highly recommend this book.