How to be More Successful at Work

So let’s be very clear from the beginning. Your success at work will largely depend on yourself – how well you know yourself and how you take advantage of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

While timing, luck and upper management will always play a part, it is you who ultimately is in control and thus can lead to your most rewarding success or be the root cause of your greatest failures. It should feel encouraging that you are in control instead of others, but in order to have the most opportunity for success, it is critical for you to have a positive mindset from the beginning and to maintain it even when it is seems impossible.

In fact, a successful day can largely be determined before you even arrive at work based on your state of mind and how you set it for the day. Everything from not eating well to not getting enough sleep can impact how you feel, which can obviously affect your mood, but you can be anything or do anything no matter the circumstances if you set your mind to it.

Below I lay out 11 tips to help you establish a healthy and productive mindset in order to accomplish your goals of the day, project and career. A reader should not take this as paid for professional advice, but instead acknowledge this is just my opinion for the things that I have noticed that worked for myself. They may or may not be applicable to your own situation.