Why do we assume the WORST !!

Why is it in our nature to assume the worst? Why is it just easier to assume or expect something negative other than something positive. Is it our society? Is it because if we assume the worst then we will be pleasantly surprised when it turns out better. Do we think we don’t deserve better. I honestly don’t know. So, in the context of my recently published paper ( read previous posts ) I haven’t got a meaningful response. Now, I posted it internally to our company and have received several hundred views from our employees, but I also sent it directly to several C Level executives. I have only two ways to perceive it. Positive or Negatively. I choose POSITIVE. While I don’t have a response that also means I didn’t get a ‘NO’. What I do now have is a foundation to build from. While I can’t predict when I and others now know we will not be starting from scratch. This paper was just a start and while the overall plan may be long at least the catalyst for the start has been established. You can’t finish if you don’t even start. To me, that cup is half full with a great potential of filling all the way up. That is POSITIVE.

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