Here we GO!

So if you have followed some of my previous posts you know I am testing my boundaries with a concept that is outside my normal lane of technology and have been pitching a concept that is financially innovative for our company. After a full week of revising and getting feedback from some of my key resources I am finally prepared to officially publish this internally to our company. My expectations are that it will get some initial attention and will eventually lead to more executive level conversations that it turn will continue to gain momentum to getting approval to move forward with this innovation. However, I don’t expect the end result to look like the beginning and that is fine. While I am testing my boundaries I am willingly and excitingly expecting changes to my approach. I don’t expect to be an expert on areas outside of my natural areas but at a minimum if I can create excitement around an area that draws attention and revisions from others then isn’t that ultimately what I am after. A larger and more experienced team ALL working together to change the future. All because a single person decided to test his boundary but ultimately knew it would take a team. Boundaries for an individual can lead to boundaries for an industry.

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