Wow, another 15 minutes that can change EVERYTHING !!

  • So I had a scrum with my team yesterday that made the whole day great and I was amazed of the power of 15 positive minutes and its lasting impact. However, today I took a chance as I had a stream of thought around a very large concept that I have been working toward and I decided to take a chance and present it to our CEO. Now I am very aware that our CEO is very grounded as the healthcare industry is very complex and dynamic these days, but I also knew the healthcare industry is looking to change and evolve into a better and cheaper version of what it currently is. With that in mind I asked his AA for 15 minutes today with no agenda other than the subject of the meeting. The time eventually comes and while I am 100% comfortable in these situations I have to admit I have no idea of how he will react. I met him and the first thing I said was we need a whiteboard as I had no presentation or anything. Just a stream of thought and I needed a marker to show it to him. Over the next 15 minutes I laid out a concept and vision of what could be for healthcare and not only was he very receptive , he took what I offered and added to the concept. You might be surprised that many great ideas has started at this type/level of conversation. Hopefully it will be the same with this meeting and if it does, believe it or not your own personal healthcare may change … for the better of course 😊
  • 15 minutes used wisely can truly change everything.

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